SWISS REAL ESTATE RESEARCH CONGRESS 2015. Congress on real estate and spatial related research

Call srecReal estate and spatial development – these are the two issues at the Swiss Real Estate Research Congress 2015. We will present and discuss soundly-based work and profound knowledge on these issues.

We invite you to share your knowledge with a team of experts consisting of professors and analysts. Please find out more on findings and works
from further disciplines and establish networks with different institutes and research departments. We kindly invite you to submit your papers. Within constructive discussions among specialists, we will offer feedback, inputs, follow-up questions and solution approaches as well as facilitate access to the Swiss Real Estate Journal.

Please submit your papers at until 26th of August 2015. You will be notifi ed on the exact time of your presentation, on the framework, within the discussions will take place and on the program schedule by September 3th, 2015. The invitation to the Swiss Real Estate Congress is organized over the networks of the universities and companies of our sponsorship and is dedicated to all those who are interested in the fi elds of real estates and spatial development.

We look forward to receiving your papers.

PD Dr. Joris Van Wezemael
Prof. John Davidson

Prof. Roland Füss
Prof. Pascal Gantenbein
Prof. Peter Ilg
Prof. Philippe Thalmann
Dr. Stefan Fahrländer
Dr. Peter Staub
MSc. Michael Boeniger
lic.oec.publ. Andreas Loepfe
lic.oec.publ. Marie Seiler

• Behavioural psychology
• Compression and functionalism of space
• Corporate Real Estate – real estate as a production
• Data, methods, modeling and statistical analysis
• Evaluation of real estates, market and space
• Financial markets, real estate and space
• Infrastructure and spatial development
• Macroeconomic perspective on real estate
and space
• Market regulation and spatial planning
• Political structures and spatial development
• Portfolio, asset and facility management
• Real estate markets: direct and indirect investments,
rental markets, construction market
• Social requirements on real estate and space
• Sustainability and energy
• Spatial planning and master planning
• Urban development/urban economics
• Taxes and legal aspects


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