Zuhause Alt werden. Herausforderungen und Potenziale an der Schnittstelle von Wohnungsbewirtschaftung und Bewohnerschaft
Duration 2016-2019
Short Description Recent findings from various disciplines highlight that the positioning, role and competence of property managers will be key with regard to ageing cities. This is true on the level of regional markets, but it also holds true for the scale of the neighbourhood.
Partner Institutions ETH Wohnforum, ETH Zürich, Dr. Margrit Hugentobler
Funding Source Funding by Commission for technology and Innovation with the industry and the Age foundation (


Age Report III
Duration 2012-2014
Short Description Longitudinal analysis of ageing and dwelling with a main focus on the eneighborhood scale of ageing cities.
Partner Institutions Universität Zürich, Soziologisches Institut, Prof. em. François Höpflinger
Funding Source Age Foundation


Planning for Liveable Ageing Cities. Strategies for Municipalities*
Duration 2010-2014
Short Description Liveable ageing communities as viewed from a network perspective. Hybrid multi-actor systems. Methodological innovation, using Checklands Soft Systems Methodology as an interaction tool to involve decision-makers.
Partner Institutions Age Foundation. Industry partner Altervia
Funding Source Age Foundation


Urban Events: Problems and Prospects for Promoting Urban Quality in Swiss Suburban Municipalities*
Duration 2010-2016
Short Description A multi-level analysis of decision-making and governance processes. Large-scale infrastructure and economic disruption, policies, projects, implementation
Partner Institutions ETH Zürich, Prof. Dietmar Eberle

University of Zurich, Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler

Funding Source Swiss National Science Foundation, National Research Programme 65


Images und Stadtentwicklung. Konstitution und Relevanz von ‚Images’ in den Ballungsräumen Zuerich und Genf*
Duration 2010-2014
Short Description Visual methodologies to support civic engagement
Partner Institutions University of Neuchâtel, Prof. Dr. Ola Söderström
Funding Source Swiss National Science Foundation




Design Competitions*
Duration 2008-2012
Short Description Competitions as a laboratory for planning research with regard to innovation in the management of the built environment
Partner Institutions Université de Montréal, Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Chupin
Funding Source Swiss National Science Foundation


Rationality, Power, Desire: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of Decision-Making Processes in Urban Planning*
Duration 2006-2007
Short Description Analysis of urban renewal strategies and housing pathfinder programmes in Newcastle upon Tyne
Partner Institutions University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Prof. Dr. Patsy Healey; Prof. Dr. Jean Hillier
Funding Source Swiss National Science Foundation


Investieren im Bestand*
Duration 2000-2005
Short Description An analysis of strategies and incentives for inward development from the point of view of property investors
Partner Institutions n/a
Funding Source University of Zurich, Grants of Excellence

*as Principal Investigator